Digital Marketing in Mauritius

There are nearly 1000,000 Internet connections in Mauritius and the digital business is ready for the next step. Is your business using digital marketing to grow online? Do you have the digital resources to reach the right customers at with the right message, at the place and time?

Digital Marketing is about creating and managing the right digital channels and content to achieve just that.

After 15 years in the Digital Marketing business, we have identified two areas that will change your business in Mauritius and came up with two Digital Marketing solutions:


Our services include digital marketing audits, analytics, web design, SEO, PPC, social media posts production, graphic design, short videos and a lot more. We study your digital marketing needs and we deliver from the smallest to large assignments.


We train your people in some areas of Digital Marketing so they can participate in promoting your business online in-house. We can also do a mix of both.

Our training portfolio includes certified courses from the Digital Marketing Institute UK and MQA approved courses in social media to empower your staff.


Can't afford it? Now you can and you know exactly when and what you are paying for.

We have pioneered a new way for you to pay for Digital Marketing services in Mauritius. Purchase as little or as much credits as you require and use these against services as and when you need them.

Digital Marketing Services

Web design, SEO, PPC, static and animated Graphic Design for social media , Video production and editing, digital audits, analytics etc.

We understand Digital Marketing and how it works in Mauritius. Sometimes you may only need graphic and video editing support to create your Facebook posts, at other times you may need a full fledged website. (hyperlink to a page with portfolio). We will tell you what you need to get started, do it for you and improve on what you have already.

Digital Marketing Courses

There are times when you need to outsource professional digital marketing services. Sometimes you also need in-house skills to help your business keep up with the fast pace requirement of online advertising and promotion. We have partnered with Valdus to bring you certified courses in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute UK.

We also have MQA approved short courses to get you started quickly.